Curt and Ted at Accurate Solution Arms primary reason for being is the perfecting of contemporary firearms that our customers carry and use for personal and professional uses. These firearms are not only tools for the protection of ourselves and those around us but a prized possession that many will carry intimately on a daily basis.

One of the great unintended consequences of the modern service weapons construction is the relative ease with which the primary griping surface can be enhanced for the specific users body mechanics. The stippling we apply to improve the use of your gun must first provide the additional grip that is its primary function but also be aesthetically pleasing to the owner. All our stippled edging is done under magnification with precision tooled tool tips, some of which are custom made for us by a local custom jeweler, this allows us great precision and sharper lines for a professional appearance, Grip modifications are polished smooth prior to stippling so that transitions blend into the whole. Many stippling patterns are available as well as degrees of “grippyness” and coverage to suit your needs for duty, competition, or concealment that will not take your skin with it in a daily carry.

As each project is a custom undertaking pricing guidelines are posted on our Pricing page under you guessed it stippling. As this site grows our examples will be posted below so please enjoy.

M&P Shield
M&P Shield with dot style carry stippling
M&P Pro Limmited
M&P Limmited Class with mid weight scale Stippling
M&P Pro Limmited
M&P Pro Production heavy weight scale Stippling